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Writer's Block: Smoke screen

What are your feelings towards smoking? What rights do you think smokers and non-smokers should have?

I absolutely HATE cigarettes. My grandfather died from lung cancer in his early 80s despite the fact that he quit smoking in his 30s. If I ever caught a son or daughter of mine smoking, I would drive them to the hospital and have them spend the day with lung cancer patients. It is a terrible way to go . . . and whatever one can do to lessen the odds of going out that way, I would recommend it.
Unfortunately, I am married to a smoker. He and I have an agreement that he only smoke outside of the house. (I know for a fact that he smokes inside occasionally when I am at work because, when I come home, the house wreaks of it. However, after having that particular argument half a dozen times, I'm over it.) I think we all have a right to make decisions about our bodies and our health, even if those decisions are detrimental. However, we all know that second-hand smoke is dangerous, and I don't believe smokers have the right to pollute the air of the people around them. I am very glad that, in Illinois, all restaurants and bars are now smoke-free establishments. It still drives my husband a bit nuts, but I no longer have to sit with him the smoking section while contemplating all the tar that is coating my alveoli.
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